What’s Being Done? About gender discrimination

Did you know that girls in developing countries are among the most underprivileged people in the world? And it’s all because they were born girls. As hard as it might be for those of us who live in Western democracies to believe, gender discrimination in the developing world is a significant problem, one that’s linked with child poverty, human trafficking, economic insecurity and countless social ills.


Young girls in impoverished families are often kept home to help care for younger siblings, to fetch water or to work as domestic servants while their brothers attend school. Deprived of appropriate education, these girls are vulnerable to a lifetime of illiteracy, exploitation, early marriage and poverty.

But give a girl adequate nutrition, decent health care and an education, and she’ll go on to live a life of setting goals, realizing dreams and building a better future – not only for herself, but for her children and her children’s children.

Fortunately, countless development agencies recognize the problem and are working creatively to address it. They know that investing in girls is a powerful key to eliminating poverty. Plan International is one such organization. With their Because I am a girl campaign, they’re inspiring individuals and organizations to fundraise and donate, so that girls in the developing world can live more hopeful, empowered lives and ultimately break the cycle of poverty for themselves, their families and their communities.

Want to know more? In Canada, visit: http://becauseiamagirl.ca/ or http://www.planusa.org/becauseiamagirl/ in the U.S.A.

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