What’s Being Done? About Biodiversity

For one thing, it’s being documented like never before. On April 18, 2012, an oceanographic schooner called the Sedna IV set out on an extraordinary adventure: three years of sailing around the globe to discover and record evidence of the amazing diversity of life on our planet.

Canadian biologist, filmmaker, explorer and Ambassador for The Green Wave, Jean Lemire, and his crew – in partnership with the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biodiversity — are calling their expedition “1000 Days for the Planet.” Described as one of the most important scientific and filmmaking expeditions of modern times, the project’s website says the Sedna IV’s mission is “to reveal our planet’s extraordinary beauty, to understand how our ecosystems work, and to ponder the great conservation challenges that face us all.”

Teachers can sign up to get the latest news about the mission and updates to the education section. Registration also provides access to teaching projects in which you can contact the crew of the Sedna IV directly.

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